ICONNOTE.net is a web portal offering comprehensive services for the archiving and sharing of pictograms.



Web Portal for Archiving and Sharing of Pictograms and Icons.

Iconnote is a web portal offering comprehensive services for the archiving and sharing of pictograms.

Iconnote maintains a growing database of pictograms, covering a wide field of applications and styles. Each pictogram is analyzed following clearly laid out semantic, syntactic and pragmatic criteria, pioneered by Jacques Bertin in his »Semiology of Graphics« and further refined by Yuri Engelhardt in »Language of Graphics«.

By subscribing to Iconnote, pictogram producer can publish their work in a variety of schemes, ranging from freeware offerings to customized licensing agreements.

Iconnote's system of certification, based on the scrutiny of renowned experts, aims to become an internationally recognized standard. Each pictogram or pictogram set is tagged with a rich array of labels ranging from detailed visual attributes and application specific characterizations to complete information on designer, publisher and license-holder.

Through its unique interface of dynamically unfolding complexity, Iconnote facilitates both, input and retrieval of pictograms. It accommodates the simple request of the occasional lay-user as well as the detailed demands of professionals.

A specific XML based Document Type Definition, DTD, has been developed to safeguard the extendibility of Iconnote's system to a range of foreseeable services, which could for example integrate Iconnote's database features into in house brand-identity management systems.


Iconnote Project

The Iconnote Project is an attempt to classify pictograms based on their visual attributes and meanings.

The goal of this project is to develop the theoretical framework for a pictogram web portal. Such a web portal gives pictogram developers the opportunity to publish their work to a large audience. Designers and others who need pictograms find in this portal detailed and competent resource.

Pictograms are graphic symbols that present information such as instructions or warnings in a compact visual form; pictograms may also include typographic elements. Despite many existing guidelines for pictograms, it is often difficult to determine their exact meaning.

With the help of Semiotics, the science of signs and symbols, it is possible to analyze pictograms and device classification schemes for their handling in databases.

Please visit Iconnote Resarch for more about the theoretical background of the Iconnote project.

The Iconnote project is not yet finished - it is only in its beginning stage. I am planning to develop a prototype to further evaluate the current proposals.
It would be great, if interested partners could be found to continue developing it into a real service.

For current and additional information about Iconnote, please contact me. Your support and suggestions are highly appreciated.



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